Projects (click on images to see each project)

Project 1

The main goal for this project was to create a walkway along the front and side of the house that would lead to the side yard and a new patio. Luckily, there were enough bricks leftover from the house renovation to accomplish this. The new patio is a great spot for relaxing under the mature shade tree and enjoying a fire in the portable fire pit. The AC unit was hidden with a hand fabricated wood trellis that adds a decorative element to the area. Plantings include Tinus Viburnum, Angelonia, Penta, Bulbine, Agapantha, Dianella and Forest Pansy Redbud. Room was left throughout the beds for seasonal flowers.


Apart from being unsightly, this backyard was essentially unusable. The goal was to create an attractive view from the house, as well as a meandering path that would be easy for the owners to get around. An old, chipped tile patio was replaced with new pavers that lead out to the crushed granite gravel walk. A new fence was built with the wood running horizontally, to give the space an updated, contemporary look. As a visual and practical destination, a small arbor was built towards the back corner that will have a bench beneath. The owner’s pot was made into a fountain, visible from the house. Plantings include: River Birch, Mexican Plum, Japanese Maple, Inland Sea Oats, Blue Daze, ornamental grasses, Giant Ligularia, Gardenia, amongst many others. The round bed is for the owner’s cutting garden and plantings will change with the seasons.

Project 2

Project 3

This compact backyard was in need of a facelift, especially since it was now the focal point of the new family room. Grass did not do well because of low lighting, so a gravel garden was created, highlighting the single-trunk River Birch in the center with a grouping of small moss boulders. The owners wanted low maintenance and simple lines, so the beds  were created with railroad ties and plantings were kept to a minimum. The brick walk was widened and the owner’s cobalt blue pot was turned into a fountain. Landscape lighting was added so that the view would be visible in the evening as well as during the day. Some plantings used include: Giant Ligularia, Holly Fern, Dianella and Viburnum suspensum.


This wonderful historic house went through a major renovation that required new landscaping throughout. The aim was to create a park-like setting by capitalizing on the large areas of lawn. To achieve this, ornamental trees were planted throughout, including Crape Myrtles, Vitex, Olive, Magnolia, Japanese Maple, Yaupon Holly and Redbud. Shrubs that had blocked the front porch were replaced with a more manageable grouping of Azaleas, Camellias and Agapanthas. A flagstone patio and multi-tiered fountain were built in the backyard, an area designated for outdoor entertaining.  Other plantings used include: ‘Knock Out’ Roses, Salvia leucantha, Variegated Pittosporum, Foxtails, Holly Fern and Spiraea. Landscape lighting was the final touch that further showed off the beauty of the house and grounds.

Project 4

Project 5

This bungalow went through a major interior and exterior remodeling which left the landscaping in shambles. The goal was to create a low maintenance front yard that would do well in the shade of several large trees. Asian jasmine was used as ground cover in the shadiest areas where grass would not do well. Other plantings used include Viburnum suspensum, Chinese Mahonia and Penta, to add a pop of color. New walkways were created with flagstone and gravel, reusing existing materials. The old concrete driveway strips were replaced with black star gravel in order to protect tree roots in the area as well as maintain as much permeable surface as possible. The area at the end of the driveway was transformed from unsightly and unusable into a bonus green space, sunny enough to grow grass. Some plants used in this bright area include Bulbine, Agapantha, and Boxwood. Next stop – the back yard. Stay tuned!


This renovated ranch-style house occupies a prominent position on a cul-de-sac but the landscaping did nothing to enhance the exterior. A major re-do was in order. The owner wanted to level the lawn, which sloped to the sidewalk. A low stone wall was built to hold the newly leveled lawn, as well as to create an area in front for colorful plantings. Flagstone and gravel walkways run along the front of the house, with a spot near the driveway for a bench and pots with seasonal color. Areas of Asian Jasmine and Ardisia were planted around the large shade trees. Placed according to lighting conditions, the plantings used include: Boxwood, Dianella, Bottlebrush, Dwarf Mondo Grass, ‘Peter Pan’ Agapantha, Rosemary, Vinca, Camellia, Variegated Ginger and Burford Holly. The new landscaping complements the house and gives the property the curb appeal that had been missing.

Project 6

Project 7


A beautiful home with a ‘ho-hum’ view. The owner knew exactly what was needed to correct this situation but was unsure how to make it happen. The old flagstone patio (installed with too many small pieces) was removed and replaced with a grid of 2’ x 2’ flagstone squares surrounded by Dwarf Mondo Grass. This dramatically changed the look, as did the removal of the old ‘grotto’ style fountain, which was replace with a contemporary pot fountain surrounded by moonstones. The mulch area around the fountain will have seasonal flowers, adding to the view from inside the house. The lawn and beds in the back of the yard were able to remain almost untouched – with just a few additions of Foxtails and Dianella.


Re-defining the bed shape, simplifying the overall look and lowering the hedge along the porch (for better visibility) were the main goals for this front yard. The flagstones that had been lying flat along the border were removed and the curvy shape became rectilinear, with new ledgestone as a border.  In addition, the owner requested that the plantings be ‘opened up’ to facilitate working in the beds and adding perennial flowers. Quite a few of the existing plants we re-used: Yaupon Hollies, Foxtails and a beautiful Camellia. New plantings include a ‘Natchez’ Crape Myrtle, Dwarf Mondo Grass, Caladiums, Purple Coneflower, Penta and Angelonia.

Project 8


Project 9



Proof again that a picture is worth a thousand words and that landscaping really is an important element for your home!  This charming bungalow benefits from the shade of several huge Live Oaks but, on the down side, grass won’t grow in the shade. So – out with the grass and in with the flagstone/gravel walkways and new plantings that can handle low light: Ardisia ground cover, Viburnum suspensum, Camellias, Ligularia and Holly Ferns.  The backyard, on the other hand, benefits from copious sunshine, so plantings appropriate for bright conditions as well as a new St. Augustine lawn were installed: Butterfly Iris, Bulbine, Loropetallum, Cherry Laurel, Drift Roses, Blue Plumbago, Pyramid Ligustrum, Bottlebrush and Star Jasmine trellised on the fence. The walkway along the side of the house was re-done to make it both more attractive and easier to walk through.  The ‘Buckskin’ flagstone is surrounded by rainbow gravel, separated from the beds with steel edging.

Sometimes it’s the simplest and smallest projects that can have the biggest impact. This front yard was unremarkable but had elements that could be used to advantage. The location of the pot fountain was adjusted to better suit the area and the Boxwood hedges were kept and used to define the beds. Plantings used:  Sweet Viburnum,  Fatsia, Dianella, Caladiums, Vinca and Penta.



Project 10